Health Benefits of Watching Less Television

Benefits of watching less tv

It’s true that most of them watching television, especially anime. Doing anime marathon is a lot of fun. However, it may cause several health issues on our eyes and overall health. That said, you should learn how to stay healthy while you can still do anime marathon on this page. Aside from that, it’s also wise to choose to watch less television so you don’t get exposed by too much blue light.

As mentioned, there are a lot of health issues that can occur if you watch television for too long. The first organ that you should worry is your eyes. Aside from that, you may also suffer from obesity as you sit for a long time while watching your favorite anime or other TV series. So, it’s essential to watch less television. In this article, we will take a look at the health benefits you can get from watching less television.

Have a Longer Life Expectancy

Your body is not meant to sit as long as you are doing when watch TV or anime series. Research shows that sitting kills and causes a very long list of unhealthy conditions that cause pain and improve life. Most TV is watched while sitting, so if you stop watching so much brain-burning TV, you’ll be more active and on your feet, which can be a great thing. If you choose to do other positive things such as exercising, your life will be better and healthier.

Get Your Brain Healthier

As has been pointed out, staring at a monitor or television set can cause serious damage to your brain. It’s not even beneficial to your health. The negative psychological consequences of jumping on a digital screen, TV or include decreased memory, decreased ability to plan, organize and act, poorer brain function and other neurological problems.

Give Your More Free Time

Have you ever felt that you don’t have enough hours in a day to get your job done? You could be wrong. If we subtract the nearly 34 hours we spend in front of the TV each week, according to Nielsen, a company that tracks our TV habits, we have more than a full day of extra time. Television is a unique way to communicate. People you’ve never met, who have very different beliefs and viewpoints than you do, make the material you have. If you watch enough TV, you lose the ability to form your own ideas, beliefs and opinions.

Improve Your Social Skill

Television creates unrealistic expectations. Most people are not perfect: thin, well-groomed, super sexy, exceptionally smart, exceptionally rich and powerful, as television paints the whole world. That means you’ll buy their products that guarantee miraculous results. And you’ll probably have better relationships because you’ll have many opportunities to communicate and make those connections beyond the latest reality TV show, murder or crime.

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