3 Exercises Necessary for Playing Basketball


Basketball is regarded to be a game of physical gifts. Being tall, having long arms, and with beginner basketball footwork drills makes for a good defense. But basketball also requires quickness, lateral movement, and explosive power, which any player can develop and improve in time. Even the most physically gifted athletes will struggle to keep and react quickly to the court if they lack strength in these areas. With that in mind, this post will showcase some of the exercises necessary for playing basketball.


Rows are one of the best exercises for the upper body. They strengthen your back, biceps, and gripping muscles. To improve the body, prevent injury and better performance, proper posture is essential. And rows are perfect for helping you stand upright. There are many row variations, and among the most common option are the seated cable rows, dumbbell rows, TRX rows, and barbell rows. Use them all and be sure to keep your shoulders retracted (together) throughout the movement.


A solid foundation is essential if you want to get better at basketball. Aside from making your legs and lower back strong, squats will shape your body in proper biomechanical alignment. Squats are a great exercise! As one of the basic basketball drills, it strengthens your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and helps enhance the core. Remember that squats are very effective at improving power input. And it alone can help you to achieve your vertical jump height.


Most basketball players, both professional and amateur, have heard of push-ups and have also done them. Push-ups are essential because they can be performed almost much anywhere. Push-ups are a great alternative to running since it saves the player’s legs. This exercise help basketball players learn how to give and absorb force effectively and efficiently. Mastery of this exercise will translate into quicker, more explosive hands and a powerful upper body ready to dominate the court.

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