Exercise Mistakes To Avoid If Weight Loss Is Your Goal

Typically, people do not exercise properly. There is some adjustment which can be done so as to get good gains in weight loss. The article focuses on exercise mistakes to avoid if weight loss is your goal. An individual should ensure he or she watch out for them.

6 Exercise mistakes to avoid if weight loss is your goal

Some of these mistakes are discussed below:

1. A gym is not a social club

gym This is the biggest mistake. People stay for 2 hours in the gym only to spend more than half of the time talking with friends. There is a need to save social activity after the workouts. Do what is required at the right time.

2. Not the right technique

This is very crucial. There is a need to maintain proper technique during weight lifting. If an individual cannot control the weight, then it is automatically heavy. It should be lowered, and a better method should be used so as to get the most from the lifting. There is no need of sacrificing good form so as to be able to lift the heavy weight; this will lead to injuring oneself, and an individual will not be working the right muscle.

3. Lack of intensity

There is need of increasing intensity. Lack of intensity is a major factor on the side of poor results. There is no need of waiting for a machine which is being used by another member; one should do something else. There is no need of wasting time. Time is precious. An individual who trains for more than 60 minutes clearly shows that his or her intensity is too low. A good person should finish workouts between 45 and 60 minutes. The key here is using the heart rate high.

3. Always doing the same workout

For an individual who keep the same program, muscles will get adapted and will not be challenged anymore. He or she reaches a plateau. The body is smart and always tries to adapt to the program. This is going to happen to anyone who does not mix program for 4 to 6 weeks. For anyone who does not wish to change program, he or she should change number of sets and reps or play around Time Under Tension (TUT)

4. Cardio in a ‘steady state’

When the time for cardio comes, an individual should forget slow and long boring cardio. If one wants to challenge the body and makes most of the cardio sessions, then there is need of practicing interval training and forgetting fat burning zone.

5. Working on muscles in isolation

woman Working on muscles When it is time to lose weight; many people focus on the wrong group of muscles. They may like to work on triceps and biceps forgetting to train big muscle groups such as back, chest, and legs. By training this muscle groups, one is likely to burn calories. One should work on the biceps, triceps and shoulders using different groups, one is likely to burn calories. One should work on the biceps, triceps and shoulders using different numbers of sets for each group.…

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