How to Prevent Diabetes Naturally

Millions of people worldwide are affected by a severe chronic illness which is diabetes. Research shows approximately 70% are already affected by this condition and has tips on what to do when you are diagnosed with diabetes. However, some people already have diabetes since birth but are still able to live longer.

Uncontrolled diabetes cases cause serious complications such as kidney failure, heart problems, and blindness. However, diabetes can be controlled and can even be avoided if you follow these health tips.

Reduce Weight

Weight loss plays an essential role in the prevention of diabetes—chances of contracting diabetes increase when you are overweight. Therefore, if you are overweight, try losing weight slowly by exercising all the time. When you lose weight, the risk of contracting the disease decreases. Make sure also to get enough sleep because depriving yourself of sleep causes obesity, which causes diabetes. Try getting six or more hours of sleep per day.weight loss

Exercise Regularly

Being physically active has a lot of benefits for our bodies. Increased sensitivity improves tissue activity. The possibility of contracting diabetes is always at risk if there is a decrease in insulin in the body. It is an excellent idea to do some activities such as running, swimming, jumping, walking, and hiking.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the causes of diabetes. When you smoke, our body becomes resistant to insulin and can lead to high glucose levels and cause diabetes. If you stop smoking, you can reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Live a Healthier Lifestyle

healthy foodAnother way to prevent diabetes is by living a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods to stay healthy. Vegetables, fruits, vegetables, fish, proteins, and whole grains should be included in your diet. They help lower blood sugar levels and insulin, which can cause diabetes. You should also avoid foods that cause you to be overweight and increase your risk of getting diabetes.

Water also plays an important role. It contains fiber that lowers your insulin and blood sugar level, which prevents you from getting diabetes. It is also recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin D to optimize vitamin D in our blood.


Although many people have diabetes, you can manage your diabetes yourself by following the steps above. Make it your goal to save thirty minutes a day for exercise to reduce calorie and fat intake. Also, avoid smoking and then try to lose weight to be safe.

This will reduce your risk of getting diabetes and help you fight it.…

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