How Do I Improve Sleep Naturally? Expert Guide

sleep Lack of sleep or late night sleep has been a problem for many. Some have gone to the extent of seeking for prescription of sleeping medication which is not recommendable. The rising cases of sleeping problems are accentuated with stress and technology as people spend more times with their smartphones until late hours. Having a natural sleeping pattern will go a long way in reducing sleep difficulties and fatigue during the day. The following are essential tips on how to improve sleep naturally.

The following are essential tips on how to improve sleep naturally

1. Keep away from stimulants

When you take a stimulant such as caffeine, your eyes will probably remain open for long hours. Caffeine is found in several drinks like tea, coffee, chocolate and some of the painkillers. Avoid taking any of these 4-6 hours before your usual sleeping time. Alcohol, nicotine, and tobacco interfere with sleep too and therefore you should refrain from them.

2. Create a routine that eases the transition to sleep

When you are nearing bedtime, your activities need to be relaxed; read your favorite book, watch the television and a bath will also get you drowsy because of the change in your body temperature. Don’t do tiresome tasks or discuss topics that would make you stressed emotionally. Any stressful activity, whether physical or psychological, will trigger the secretion of cortisol (a stress hormone) that makes you alert.

3. Improve the condition of your bedroom

bedroomYour daily resting place should be able to promote a peaceful slumber. Just as bats go to the caves in the daytime to sleep, we also need such a quiet environment to achieve a natural sleep. Create a sound sleeping environment by lowering outside noise and light. You can wear earplugs not to be distracted by sounds and eye masks for blocking light. This is the ideal cue that signals the brain to rest.

How to improve sleep naturally with natural sleep aids

At times, implementing some of the above measures can be challenging. For instance, when you get home from work late, and you have to attend to a series of activities such as preparing meals, washing dishes and then you go to sleep. There is no adequate time to prepare for sleep. In such cases, drink liquids containing tryptophan, the vital amino acid that induces sleep. The tart cherry juice, valerian solution, few teaspoons of fermented cod liver oil and coconut oil will grant you quality sleep. Magnesium and calcium capsules are also essential sleep boosters.

With these ideas on how to improve sleep naturally, you can say goodbye to sleeping difficulties and sleepless nights.…

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