Guide for Cooking Healthy While Stuck at Home

A lot of us are stuck and bored at home, especially during this pandemic quarantine. In this current situation, it very challenging to stay healthy, especially if you don’t have so much to do. Read on to this article to learn five simple tips to make your cooking healthy, easier, and more enjoyable if you are one of us.

korean mom and daughters cooking together

Try out New Recipes

It can be tiring to cook over and over again. You can try and experiment with new cooking recipes since you have a lot of time in your hands. Cooking healthy can be satisfying, and you have the opportunity to level up your kitchen game since you’re stuck at home. Get started with easy and simple recipes with little ingredients. Then you can work your level up to advanced cooking.

Having a good recipe book is also beneficial. Find a cookbook or scroll through a website that offers a variety of recipes, such as a recipe for carrot cake and more.

Eat Solid Food

It’s extremely tempting to eat snacks all day in your room. The problem with snack food is they are more junk food than hearty food, which can lead you away form healthy living. So, prioritize consuming the good stuff during meals. If you are not tempted, you can leave the kitchen area or stay away from your sight. In that way, you’ll be more motivated to cook good food.

Get Vegetables as Much as Possible vegetables cooking on the pan

These days, local shops near our house are always running out of frozen veggies, but don’t let that become your excuse. There are still plenty of fresh and canned alternatives, and you could stock up on them.¬† Make sure you have stocked up a variety of canned, fresh, and frozen food products, so you don’t have to make an excuse or worry about running out of food.

Create a Meal Plan

Meal planning and preparation are not so secret ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while our schedules are all on hold. Invest a few minutes every Sunday to plan your meals every week. Then prepare even one healthy food ahead of time. You will find that your consistency rate is increasing compared to not having a meal plan and prep.

Reduce Processed Foods

With a lot of delivery options nowadays, it is so easy to consume with junk foods. Instant deliveries usually come from pantry items, after all, which can not be healthy for our bodies. You can indulge in these foods, but be careful not to consume too much because nothing comes out when it’s too much.

Another good alternative is to eat available healthy foods you have at home. This way, you can have discipline and prioritize to consume nutritious foods only.


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